#ZAlebsBeauty - Nail shapes and what they say about you

What's your flavour? Almond, coffin or stilleto? 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Fashion

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#ZAlebsBeauty - Nail shapes and what they say about you

I've always been obsessed with how nails look. Not just my own but those of the women around me. Perhaps it is because, as a reformed nail biter, I was always self conscious about how my short, unpainted nails always looked, compared to the beautiful, long, painted nails of the women around me. 

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As  I got older and got a little self control, I learned to stop biting my nails and I started taking care of them and experimenting with different shapes and nail extensions but did you know, the shape and style you choose says a lot about you. Get into these decoded shapes: 


bonang matheba nails

If, like Bonang Matheba, square nails are your vibe then you're the kind of woman who puts comfort above everything. You're a minimalist who is practical and probably uses their hands a lot so you prefer not to have anything getting in the way of your day-to-day life. 


moozlie stiletto nails

Stiletto nails are for the braver women, like Moozlie, who don't mind being the centre of attention and don't mind putting a little extra effort into their day-to-day activities which may slightly be hindered by the shape of the nails. 


thembi seete coffin nails

Coffin nails are a combination of the square and oval types which means you're slightly daring but still practical like Thembi Seete. You're also fond of trying new things, including colours. 


almond nails

Almond nails are often shorter but still angled at the tip, almost like a shorter version of stiletto nails. Similar to the coffin shape, these are daring but still practical and cute much like Ayanda Thabethe. 


minnie dlamini squoval nails

Squoval nails are a variation on the square shape for the above-average minimalist who still also needs to use her hands regularly. Fans of this style are also fans of keeping up with the latest trends. This shape is the fence-sitter of nails as they are neither here nor there. 


thando thabethe rounded nails

Women who fancy rounded nails are thee most practical of them all and like Thando Thabethe, probably love the quote; "simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication."

Which shape is your fave? Hit us up on social media @ZAlebs.

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