#ZAlebsStyle - Is the all-in-one legging the latest in maternity wear?

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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Fashion

Is the body stocking the latest in maternity wear

Gone are the days when expectant moms had to sit around in large, shapeless maternity wear because they barely had any options and they were afraid of showing their bodies. 

Maternity wear and the styles available for pregnant women have improved as societal standards about what expectant moms can and cannot wear have relaxed but are we ready for the all-in-one legging? 

I say absolutely! 

tshepi vundla body stocking

Yesterday, stylist and mom-to-be, Tshepi Vundla posted an OOTD which featured a jean jacket, vans and an all-in-one legging and she is actually spot on with this trend. 

Pregnant women all over the world are starting to embrace the all-in-one as maternity wear. 

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body stocking maternity wear

Not only is it a comfortable, all-in-one solution, it can be worn even after the baby is born. 

ashley brumfield maternity body stocking

In fact, the  all-in-one legging is a firm favourite of 'Queen Twerk,' Faith Nketsi. 

queen twerk tito mboweni

This trend also speaks to the general rise in body positivity amongst the current generation and we are all for that movement. 

Would you rock the all-in-one legging?

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