Zodwa Wabantu Upgrades Her....

Talk about an interesting doctors appointment!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Fashion

Zodwa Wabantu has been quite the topic of conversation as of late but this is nothing new. The star is known for always feeding her fans with some sort of spectacle.

The Afrotainment signee was almost just on the brink of losing her hit reality show, Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored. The star caused a frenzy of backlash after she said some ignorant comments about the LGBTQ+ community stating, in part, that they "don't have vaginas".

Maybe it's because the conversation has now been trending for over 2 weeks but Zodwa is now focusing on her own genitals. She once again is a trending topic for her vagina but not in how you expect.

Last time we spoke about Zodwa's lady parts, it was because she let it all hang out on the red carpet. This time, she's taking her prized possession in for a tune-up. Ms Wabantu once again got everyone talking when she gave social media followers a front-row seat to her vaginal rejuvenation/vaginal tightening treatment.
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In the video, Zodwa explains that she opted for this procedure to return her genitals back to their pre-birth date. "As women, after giving birth we often feel that something down there is no longer the same or tight," she explained.

This should come as no surprise to long-time fans of Zodwa Wabantu. Zodwa has long since been open about her newfound dedication to staying young and "fresh".

The doctor in this video is also the man responsible for Zodwa's breast augmentation. She loved her new boobies so much that he even accompanied her to the Durban July earlier this month to show off his latest little masterpieces. 
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Zodwa seems to be enjoying spending her hard-earned cash on keeping her body as sexy as possible. Let's hope all her procedures come out exactly how she wants them to!