Help Gigi Lamayne find a church

It seems the rapper needs a spiritual home.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Gigi LaMayne 

South African rapper, Gigi Lamayne's, looking to assimilate herself with a church that could be of guidance in her spiritual journey.

Spirituality is a personal practice to each individual. How one goes about carving a relationship and connection with the higher power is relative – some take the traditional route where ancestors are involved, while others merely prefer to take the conventional path of going to a church.

The last quarter 2018 proved to be a bit turbulent for one of Mzansi's favourite rappers, Gigi. The Iphupho Lami hitmaker recently took to Twitter to announce that she's looking for a church.

This kind of query, obviously gained traction.

It seems the rapper might look at the below church mentioned.

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It is empowering when some of our celebrities speak up about matters that plague their lives, as they bring about hope to the masses.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@gigi_lamayne