"Say my name, I'm proud of it" says Hulisani Ravele

She pulled a Diddy and went from Cecilia to CC and now Hulisani here's why...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Hulisani Ravele 

"Say my name, I'm proud of it" says Hulisani Ravele

She was first introduced to South African viewers as Cecilia and later shortened her name to CC. In recent years however, she goes by her full Venda name, Hulisani Ravele. 

We have been asking ourselves for a while now as to why the bubbly TV presenter and honors graduate Cecilia Ravele changed her name.

The presenter of the Vodacom Millionaires game show took to social media to clarify the reason behind her name changes over the years.

What's in a name? Everything. A name, to me, is one of the ways in which someone's right to human dignity and equality is acknowledged. When I started on TV I was known as Cecilia, my second name, which then went on to become CC. The reason it was Cecilia in the first place is because when I joined my agency in 1997, my agent found it difficult to pronounce my first name, Hulisani, and so she settled on Cecilia being the name of choice. I was 9, I don't remember putting up an argument or a fight. When I left YoTV in 2008 I dropped the Cecilia and CC and started using my first name. I didn't care that it was going to be difficult to pronounce, everyone was going to learn how to say it. When I made that decision I was an adult who now understood that Hulisani is my name. It's my identity. It's my culture. It may be difficult to pronounce but it will not be impossible. Our Constitution says we all have the right to human dignity and equality, I believe your name and the right for it to be pronounced correctly and to not be asked "ag, don't you have another easier English name" falls under this right. My name is Hulisani, Huli for short. That's it. #SayMyName #ImProudOfIt #InspiredByMyConstitution 🇿🇦

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This comes after Hulisani joined Laduma Ngxokolo and shot her #InspiredByMyConstitution campaign to celebrate the South African Constitution.

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