#IdolsSA: Nosihe on her exit from the show

Nosihe left the Idols SA building on Sunday night but it's the not the last we'll see of her.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM 


Being eliminated on a competition like Idols SA is a tough pill to swallow but for Nosihe seems to be handling it pretty well.

Just when we were settling in to enjoy Sunday night's "Show-stopper" performances on Idols, Proverb stopped us dead in our tracks when he suddenly announced that he'd be revealing the name of the contestant who was going to be eliminated on the show.

Nosihe who left, told ZAlebs that she was not shocked at all that Proverb had announced her elimination so early into the show.

"I wasn't shocked at all, they did warn us that the person who gets voted out, will be voted out in the begin of the show so I wasn't surprised at all." Said Nosihe.

When Valentine got eliminated last week, many of her followers strongly felt that it was Nosihe who was supposed to be eliminated and not her.

We asked Nosihe how she felt about those opinions considering that both her and Valentine were given the same opportunities and probably worked just as hard as Valentine.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I let people express their opinions. For me it wasn't actually a comparison between me and Valentine at all, it just meant that I got more votes than her and that for me is what I held on to. So all the negativity that came I just let it bounce.

I was working hard, Valentine was working hard it just comes with the nature of this competition."

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One of our most favorite performances from Nosihe on the show was when she performed Thandiswa Mazwai's iNgoma, the singer shared the same sentiments as she also thoroughly enjoyed performing the song.


"For me, that performance was such an 'uh huh moment' for me on stage because I could not have wished for a better performance to exit with. I ended my journey on a high, I didn't feel like I robbed myself of anything. I gave it my all and leaving at that point in the competition is ok."

There are only two ladies left in the entire competition and it is quite evident that we'll probably not have a female win the competition this year. Although we still stand corrected.

Nosihe made it clear that all her votes and support are going to Noma and Lucia.

"I think both of the ladies are deserving of winning the competition. They both are completely different if you listen to their style and the music they do, they are individually different. and to be honest I'm backing both of them because I believe a woman will win.  I'm not backing any of the guys just the woman."

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