How iFani chose his latest single

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Ifani 

iFani clearly knows how to connect with his fans.

The rapper, who made history after his new album I Believes in Me [2nd Quadrant] went gold in one day, has just dropped a new single called Ayadelela. Although this was not part of the plan, the rapper explained that he had to give the people what they wanted.

He told ZAlebs that he performed the song for the first time during his Easter Cape Tour. The reaction from the crowd was amazing. "Right after there we decided we'll go to radio. I called Sony up and I was like 'yo, change of plans, we need to drop Ayadelela and we need to drop it now'. So everyone got their ducks in a row. I'm going to Cape Town this weekend... Friday. We're shooting Saturday, Sunday." 

The song was basically chosen by the crowd, according to him. "I was like if three different crowds that don't know each other, and they're hearing the song for first time, and the reaction was the same - too insane to ignore. So I was like 'here we go, let's go, new single."