Nozipho Nkelembe shares her experience in acting as a tik addict on Ya Lla

Nozipho shares her research behind the character Nala and why the character resonated with her so much.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Nozipho Nkelemba on Ya Lla was slept on

In response to the positive feedback, we received on Nozipho Nkelemba's role on Ya Lla article, we decided to hold an interview with probably with one of the most underrated actresses of our generation.

Every actor has that one specific role that either catapults them to stardom or makes viewers stand up and take note of the great potential the actor has. One such person is Nozipho Nkelemba.

During our recent interview with the actress, we inquired about the amount of research she had to invest in when it came to her character on Ya Lla.

Nozipho mentioned that she had to engage with women who had an addiction to tik (Street name for Crystal Meth) and came to learn about the many things that women would do just to get a fix.

Fortunately, I'm married and I have a child so I could relate to that. Unfortunately, we live in a world where physical/verbal/emotional abuse for women (and yes, men too) is a common thing. At some point or another I've been exposed to a woman who's been in an abusive relationship. 

What I found the most challenging was playing someone who is addicted to tik without having tried the drug myself. I did speak to some women who are addicted to tik and I watched a lot of videos so I could understand their circumstances well. You'll be surprised what these women are willing to do for their next hit. Prostituting themselves for a hit is nothing. 


Nozipho also admitted that playing the role of Nala was one of the most challenging characters to play in her career as an actress,

"There was a lot that had happened in my life just as that job presented itself." She added.

For all Ya Lla fans, Nozipho also informed us that there unfortunately, will not be a season two of the show.

So what has Nozipho been up to lately?

Well if she's not working behind the scenes...

Nozipho Nkelemba on Ya Lla was slept on

She's busy acting on's latest sitcom Next of Next Week she did with comedians Ntosh Madlingozi, Celeste Ntuli and more 

Nozipho Nkelemba on Ya Lla was slept on

Food for thought, one important lesson Nozipho has learned from working in the film industry is that 'you CANNOT work in film unless you are called to.' 

Let that marinate....

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