One to watch: Why Linda Mtoba needs to be on your radar

Linda Mtoba is definitely one of our favourite young actresses 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Linda Mtoba

The KZN beauty won the hearts of many South African's when she bagged the role of Zama on one of Mzansi's most watched television shows, Isibaya.

In an exclusive interview with ZAlebs, the actress opened up about fame, love and her future plans. Before getting the role on Isibaya, Linda was a Zulu teacher living a normal life in KZN away from the glaring public eye, "the transition from teacher to actress has been mind boggling, I did not expect it, it was a bit random but I love it so much." she said.

Linda Mtoba

The talented beauty has been in the spotlight for just under a year and she is still getting used to the fame part of it, "I had to learn that whilst I am an actress, my job comes with fame, when I first got the opportunity to act, I was not as mentally prepared as I should have been for the fame. I had to learn how to separate my personal life from my work."

Linda then went on to say, "It is really crazy when people recognise me at malls and stuff, in the beginning I used to think that the people who came up to me knew me from back home or something and I would feel bad because I did not recall who they were, it took me a while to realise that they do not know me, they know the character that I play but it has gotten a whole lot easier now, I can separate myself from Zama." she added.

linda Mtoba

Speaking about the downside of fame she said, "sometimes people can get really mean and that is something I have learned to live with, I had to grow a thick skin in order to protect myself." she said.

The star who recently got married to her long term sweetheart plans to take on more challenging acting roles in the future, I want an intense role that is very different from who I am, I want to show more of what I can do and I look forward to the future." She added 

Linda is well on her way to being a big star and we can't wait to see her reach her full potential, we would not be surprised if she made it onto the Hollywood scene.

Image credit: Instagram/linda_mtoba