Pearl Modiadie on her role as host of Raw Silk

Pearl Modiadie shares her experience on hosting on the new show.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

pearl modi

Accomplished TV and Radio Presenter, Pearl Modiadie is a force to reckoned with in the entertainment industry. With a new fashion reality show, Raw Silk which premieres on SABC 1 on Tuesday 7 February.

Having started her career as a teenager, she has grown in front of her fans and has worn numerous hats as more than just a former kids presenter but a successful radio personality, a sound MC, Actress, television producer and seasoned voice over artist. 

And with a new show under her belt, it's clear that Pearl Modiadie is showing no signs of slowing down.

Raw Silk is about local designers who will be introduced to the entire nation as they showcase their talent to the South African audience. The winner will get to walk away with the R100,000 cash prize.

Speaking to ZAlebs Pearl expressed great excitement on the new show she'll be embarking on.

Pearl explained how she managed to get the gig and did explain that she did not audition for the show as she was picked by the channel. 

"I didn't audition, I think there comes a point in your career when you don't have to audition because your work is already out there and the producers and the channel trust and know what you can do.

A couple of names were given to the channel and they decided to choose me as the host. I also have a good relationship with them and worked have with the team before on numerous projects and with other companies behind the scenes, so we also have that mutual trust between us which makes working together much simpler."

Now you're probably wondering how Pearl Modiadie is going to balance her time between shooting Raw Silk and Zaziwa which she also still presents, the media personality assured us that, that has also been handled.

"We actually began shooting Raw Silk last year, so I only had to balance the schedule last year.  So when it comes to time management I don't struggle a lot as the schedules were already set out.

In the morning I would do Raw Silk, in the afternoon then attend to my radio job and in the evenings I would be at the Zaziwa offices."

Without giving too much away, Pearl also mentioned that Raw Silk is one show that is not to be missed and how much of a great highlight it will be for local television content.

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"The whole show being on TV is a highlight, it gives designers a platform to showcase what they can do. A platform like that has never been there, but the show has now made that possible. The big highlight for me is also just watching other people live their dreams and get closer to the R100,000 prize money. The journey of just trying to find out who the best designer is quite a highlight in itself."

Raw Silk starts on the 7th of February on SABC 1.

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