What does Wackhead want for Christmas?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

You know, I have a bit of sympathy for Wackhead Simpson. 94.7's serial pranker is often overlooked when people talk about who their favourite South African comedians are. Quite frankly, I think this man is a genius. He's pranked everyone from innocent radio listeners, to South African celebrities and even some of our politicians! The man is outstanding and every year he just gets better and better. 

We actually took the time to interview Wackhead a few weeks ago and it was very interesting to get some insight into the man behind the comic/prankstar but what you probably won't know is that there's a few answers we saved just for this week! I was curious initially to find out how Wackhead spends Christmas holidays and what the festive season means to him.

Wackhead Simpson: Most importantly relaxation with the family. We spend half of it in Joburg and half at the Durban coast, which is where I am from and so is my family. We get to do whatever we want to do during this holiday period, which makes it…well… perfect.

And the question everybody wants to know the answer to: What does Wackhead Simpson want Santa to bring him as a present?

WS: An Aeroplane. I love flying and would love my own plane. I can't afford one, so perhaps he will help me out!