J'Something speaks on the importance of being authentic

J'something expresses the importance of authenticity and being grateful

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | J'Something 


Plus, there's news that he may have a new tv cooking show coming our way.

Our ZAlebs are all very interesting characters. We have the socialites, the musicians, and the actors... And then we have J'Something who is an all round hustler. But J had something to share with his fans on social media. J posted a video on IG with a message about being authentic 

'' I would like to talk about Authenticity and Sincerity'' he professes. He identifies the pressures we feel on ''Planet Earth'' to fit into a culture or crowd. But he continues to make us aware that he is different and ''down to earth'' and grateful for all he has achieved. He is ''thankful'' for his position and his life. 

Good morning ... tag somebody that you think needs to hear this! May a love culture spread ... ✌️

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J has had a few years of massive success. To being named a cell phone brands Creative Director - we don't know what that means but apparently it means something - to hosting a few very successful cooking shows. And now, opening his own restaurant. Never mind being the front man for MiCasa. According to a source, JSomething has signed on to host a new cooking TV show on MNet, that will debut soon. Eh, this man is slaying life. 

Maybe his trick is being authentic and keeping it simple? Or maybe he has a great cup of Cocoa each night (see what we did there?) 

Whatever his winning recipe might be - we hope he shares it in a book soon. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Jsomething