Jessica Nkosi’s Uncomfortable Encounter With Metro Officer

This situation was not appropriate!

By  | Jan 15, 2020, 10:00 AM

Jessica Nkosi has blasted a Johannesburg Metro Cop after an extremely uncomfortable recent encounter.

The Isibaya star who is usually a sweetheart took to Twitter to share details about the awkward encounter. She said she was stopped by an officer whilst driving and the officer allegedly put his whole heard inside her vehicle and this left her feeling very uncomfortable.

 “When cops stop you on the roads, why do they put their whole heads through the window? Now he’s practically in the car with you. I had to ask this guy to move back coz I was feeling so uncomfortable.”
Jessica said the worst part of the situation was that she feels as if her attire might have influenced the man's actions. She said, "I think what made me more uncomfortable was that I’m wearing a short dress today. And there he is with his whole head in my car. Haaaibo. I couldn’t even comfortably look for my license. So, I had to ask him to move so I can get it. Smh ...”

Tweeps also lambasted the cop in support of Jessica. The star is not the only actress who has had to experience an uncomfortable encounter with metro cops Actress Tessa Twala also shared a personal encounter she had with cops on twitter.

She wrote ‘’ My experience with cops has always been the worst I have had a cop put his hand in my car to touch my face I have had cops refuse to give me my license unless I get out the car and hug them I have so many stories of how they abuse their power.’’
Cases of cops preying on motorists may be reported on the JMPD anti-corrupt hotline -- 0800 203 712.

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