Jo-Ann Strauss on why her kids are off limits on social media

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Jo-Ann Strauss 

Jo-Ann Strauss shared a sweet picture of her newborn daughter on Instagram this week, but says she is not ready to show her family's faces on the platform.

The businesswoman and mom of two got a bit serious on her blog this week, explaining why she does not share pictures of her husband or children. 

Jo-Ann, who gave birth earlier this month, says she sometimes feels tempted to share their pictures, but then reminds herself how negative and critical people can be on social media. 

“Just the other day, I saw a friend post an adorable picture of her son after lunch with his toddler belly out and toothy grin…I was absolutely shocked, though, at a few comments on the post discussing whether the child suffered from malnutrition...or whether she was doing something wrong as a parent. People who had never met her and who had no idea that she is the most incredible mom..,” she said on her blog.

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She admits once angry tweeting Kim Kardashian when the reality star said she couldn’t wait to leave South Africa during a visit in 2010 after her flight home was cancelled, resulting in her missing her mother’s annual Christmas party. 

“I felt her tweet was offensive and wanted to let her know that. What on earth was I thinking? Did it make me feel better? No? Did I prove something? No? Lesson learnt and I’m sorry, KK.”

We totally understand why Jo-Ann is so private, social media can be an ugly place. 

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