Somizi grateful for the joy Joe Mafela brought into his life

Gone but never to be forgotten, Somizi would rather remember the joy the late actor brought into many households.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Joe "Sdumo" Mafela 

Joe Mafela

The sudden passing of Joe Mafela has brought so much sadness to many South Africans but the likes of Somizi would rather remember the joy and laughter Joe Mafela brought in our lives.

Since the news of Joe Mafela's passing was made public on Sunday, 19 March, public figures and South African citizens alike have gone to social media to share their fond memories of the late star who died in a car accident on the M1.

One of those public figures is Somizi Mhlongo who has had the pleasure of interacting with the late actor whilst a young man in the industry.

"I'm not sad because, for me, he has created that happy picture, he lived his life to the fullest, he is a slayer. if I can achieve half of what he has achieved I'd be grateful, he was relevant until the end. "

Funny enough, when we think of Joe Mafela we always associate him with the late Gloria Mudau who played the role of Gogo Louise on iSgud'Snayse and how they always clashed whenever they were in the same room.

We can only imagine how lit heaven is at the moment with some of the Sgudi'Snaysi cast members reunited again.


Joe Mafela's family has since thanked the nation for all their messages of condolences and support. The date of the funeral is yet to be confirmed.

Rest in peace Joe Mafela, Daphney Hlomuka (Sis' May) Gloria Mudau (Gogo Louise) and Ruth Cele (Martha)

Main image Credit: Instagram/Somizi