Look out it’s John Vlismas!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | John Vlismas 

No one and nothing was safe at The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City last weekend, where John Vlismas celebrated his landmark 40th birthday with capacity crowds that attended his shows. Three shows were scheduled for this past Friday and Saturday, which featured John Vlismas on top form. This time, the diminutive trouble-maker threw everything he had at the show, giving his new material a post-modern look and feel. Multi-media, massive LED screens and custom graphics ensured that the innovative performer stayed a few steps ahead of anything staged by stand-up comics so far in SA.

Watch our video interview with John below: 

Are you ever worried that you’re going to be reprimanded for your comedic material?

No, I'm never afraid that I'll be reprimanded. I've thought through what I'm saying, and I have a reason for each point. The idea is to offend everyone equally. If we set out to avoid offending anyone, comedy would be limited to ventriloquists at children's parties, and we'd all have to kill ourselves.

 Are you planning on taking your John Vlismas is/in40 show across the country?

We'll have to see if the feasibility works out. If I do, Cape Town would make sense. Durban has been erratic over the years.

When your daughter is at an appropriate age to watch your shows, what do you think her thoughts will be? “My dad is such a douche!” or “My dad is flippin’ genius!’’ and do you ever worry that what you do will ever taint your image as a father?

You know, there will come a time when Uma will form an opinion of me as a comic and I have no say in what that will be. I'm just keen to encourage her to have an independent notion - hopefully the word "douche" won't feature, but if it does, it wouldn't kill me - she's perfectly entitled to her feelings.

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