S.W.E.A.T. 1000: PLEASE help Tsekeleke & Nkanyiso

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Kabelo Mabalane 

What do Mika Stefano, Kabelo Mabalane, Dale Horne and Dineo Moeketsi have in common? Yup, you guessed it right, they’ve managed to lose weight at a very impressive and healthy rate. Health is the new trend amongst celebrities these days, even Rick Ross is taking his carb in-take seriously!



However, there are two local entertainment personalities who have caught our attention with regards to their sluggish bodies, Tsekeleke and Nkanyiso Bhengu.

For as long as we’ve known humpty and dumpty they’ve always been big guys and have never shied away from their massive weight.  Don’t get us wrong we’re not taking anything away from their talents; Nkanyiso is a great vocalist, presenter and actor without a doubt and Tsekeleke- well, apart from he’s entertaining dance moves and kind hearted spirit you can’t deny that he’s also quite the ladies’ man, no seriously girls love them some Tsekeleke.

A couple of years ago we read that the Tsekeleke had lost some weight and that's good for him, but... we’re not really seeing the results! As for Nkanyiso’s weight loss, we’ll admit that we have no knowledge of his efforts and he could rightfully reply by telling us to shove our opinions of his weight where the sun doesn’t shine.But we don’t think he’s lost much weight, unless OMO has introduced a new chemical that also sucks away human fat (It's rather unfortunate that Nkanyiso and the brand went their seperate ways; he made it look cool! Can you think of anyone else who can make washing powder look as cool as he does?)

So we're sending out a plea to the ultimate workout team (SWEAT 1000) to transform these big boys. We're not asking for them to transform into hunky gentlemen with God-like abs but into men who take their health seriously. We got your back guys! 

PS: Drake and Lil Wayne battling? You better believe it!