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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Khabonina Qubeka 

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This week we had the pleasure of interview the sexy, and incredibly flexible, Khabonina. After tantalizing us with yet another Khabodicious stretch on Twitter (It's still dominating local entertainment news!) we knew we had to speak to her and pick her brain. 


Hi Khabo, welcome to ZAlebs, how are you doing? 

I am Superb, I've always enjoyed the website and I appreciate you having me!

Right now the big talking point has been the picture you posted this week haha; What do you have to say about the response? 

You know what, my mom is shocked! She's been saying, "Oh dear, not again!" The story behind that picture is quite random; we were coming from somewhere, on our way to get food and we parked the car. When I got out I decided, "I'd like to stretch a little" She's used to this, of course. I decide to put on the roof of the Jeep and my mom says "Let me take a picture of this" And as soon as we posted it the response was insane!!  It's not the first time, as you know, but I do the stretches because they are comfortable. If you ask any dancer, they'll tell you the same. 

You never come across as attention seeking; but rather expressive; do you hope that more ladies can take your lead and explore their femininity and personalities through dance and yoga and the likes? 

The great thing about these pictures is that I'm getting people talking about fitness. People are saying "I want to get that fit, I want to be that flexible" And I'm so happy to hear that. I'm NOT a skinny girl. People tend to assume that these things are only for skinny, ballet-figure-girls, which is not true, and I'm happy to motivate people of all sizes. A lot of the ladies I work with aren't skinny, they're corporates who work long days, or moms with kids, and they say to me that I inspire them and I love that. I get a lot of people posing and mimicking my pictures and I enjoy taking those and putting them on my website. I want people to embrace their bodies, to love what they have and know that they can do anything with it all. 

You also hold dance classes in Randburg right? Tell us a little more about that? 

That's right, at the Brightwater Commons. I love that the business evolves and shapes itself. My dance sessions have a definite link to women and we develop that bond through dance and fitness. The end result is a group of ladies who walk away feeling more fit, more enthusiastic and more confident in themselves. People come to my studio, but I also go to them. Sometimes people can be stressed when they come to my environment and my home ground, I can see how it can be a bit intimidating. That's why I'm happy to be where they feel most comfortable, where they can be themselves. 

With Dance being such a big part of your life, how does it feel to be involved with Step up or Step Out, especially as a judge? 

I am IN LOVE with that show. I love the dancers, I really don't know how to put it. The show is an excellent platform that teaches you that you can take your dance group to new heights. The one thing that saddens me is that a lot of groups end their dance journey on the show, whereas I'd love to see them taking their abilities further. I feel like we don't have enough dance shows like Step Up or Step Out in this country. We need a show as big as idols, but purely for dance, a show that people follow religiously. That's one thing that Im passionate about, and I'm working on a few projects, one of which might feature on a major channel; look our for that!

We spoke to Tumi Voster recently and she said that this season looks explosive; would you say the same? 

I agree with her. I think, like I said above, there needs to be a lot more focus on dance shows. I would watch shows and think that they needed massive upgrades on their look and feel etc. I feel that Step Up has done just that. The stage is incredible, it really makes the dancers feel like they're part of something grand and that's how it should be.

We asked her who we should look out for, she said Snap Crackle and Pop and De Ja Vu; Who would you recommend we look out for? 

Without a doubt, Snap crackle and pop. They are really passionate and unreal. They're not even dancing, they're moving to a synchronized heartbeat and they share the song and the movement, they are truly amazing. I'm also in to Cyber-Links. I fell in love with them from their audition in Durban and there's something about them that's really exciting. At the end of the day we want a group who can be sellable, someone who can open up shows and leave an impact in people's minds.


Before we head out, Let's talk about your song Wax it. It looked like a fun song and video to make, how happy are you with it? 

I used a group from a show called Masters of Rhythm, another dance show where I was a guest judge, the group is named "Artistic Intelligence. I am happy with what they added to the music video. What I like to emphasize is that a performance is more that just singing; it's about giving your audience a PERFORMANCE!

The song has received some mixed reactions though; What do you make of it?

I love the criticism! That's the point! People always say, "Stick to this, stick to that" What I believe is that, as an artist, you're not born with glue! Your goal is to express yourself at that point in time. Not everybody is going to like what you do, and not everyone will understand why you're doing it. I like to put myself out there and some people aren't comfortable. I can even say that I expect that reaction. In our industry, if you're an actress, people want to keep you there. When they hear that you're going to do something different they have no faith in you until you prove yourself. But personally, I want my work to be debated. That's what I'm here to do, I'm an artist and it's what I stand for.

On that emphatic note we ended what was an incredible interview. We thank you Khabonina, for taking the time to speak to ZAlebs and we look forward to attending the Step Up or Step Out finale! 

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