Khanya Mkangisa Biography: Age, Family, Education, Boyfriend, Career, Fashion, Controversy

Starting her career at a young age and today she is one of the leading actresses.

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Khanya Mkangisa is one of the icons who made it in the entertainment industry at a young age.

Khanya joined the likes of Hulisani Ravele as a presenter on TV on the popular show, YoTV.

She started her career at the age of 14 and ever since she has been working on her growth as an entertainer, host and a television presenter.

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This is her biography.

Khanya Mkangisa Age

Khanya Mkangisa was born on the 13th of March in 1988. She is 32-years-old.

Khanya Mkangisa Family

Khanya Mkangisa was born in Peddie in the Eastern Cape, in South Africa.

Khanya Mkangisa was raised by a single parent, her mother - Vuyokazi Mkangisa. She is the only child and she spent the better part of her childhood living in a boarding school where she learnt how to fend for herself at an early stage in life.

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Khanya Mkangisa however did not have a good relationship wheith r father as her parents had divorced when she was quite young.

During an interview she had this to say about him; 

"Don’t get me started on how my father, a dentist, had her missing work so she could go to court to try get maintenance. I was his only child at the time. A whole dentist! SMH!" 

Khanya Mkangisa Education

Khanya Mkangisa went to a boarding school at the age of six where she was a very hard-working girl and was among the top achievers. 

For her extra-curricular activities, Khanya Mkangisa was known as a good netball player. 

After her Secondary education, Khanya enrolled in Johannesburg's AFDA: The School for the Creative Economy, where she graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in motion picture and television.

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Khanya Mkangisa Boyfriend

Khanya was in a long-term serious relationship with Matli Mohapeloa, who is an actor.

The couple was said to have ended their relationship in 2016. This was confirmed through a Snapchat post that Khanya posted saying:

“People keep asking me about it and it's just so annoying. I’m single, please don’t ask me about my ex-boyfriend”

Fast forward to 2019, many were asking if Khanya Mkangisa was following in Zodwa Wabantu's footsteps. She became a topic of interest on social media when she posted photos where she was posing with 21-year-old J Molley on the day she celebrated her 31st birthday.

Pretty soon she was trending and when she got wind of this she had a message for those that were talking about the age difference between her and J Molley.

However it seems that relationship dis not last as J Molley seems to have moved on pretty quick from Khanya Mkangisa.

J Molley, even posted pictures of his new bae and she had what looked like a tattoo of his initials.

Khanya Mkangisa Career

Khanya Mkangisa landed her first role on television at the age of 14 as a YoTV presenter.

Following her successful debut, Khanya Mkangisa remained with the program for three years until she was 17.

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After her first job, she landed presenting jobs with Hectic Nine-9 and Knock Knock.

As her presenting was getting noticed by producers, Khanya Mkangisa landed yet another job with Sweat Dance Challenge, a television show that aired on e.TV. 

As she got comfortable behind the camera, Khanya Mkangisa went ahead and ventured into acting. 

In 2005, she featured in the television series Zone 14. She continued being a presenter and at the same time, she managed to polish her acting getting better with each role she landed. 

In 2008, Khanya Mkangisa landed a role on uGugu no Andile and she landed yet another role on The Lab, uGugu and Mtunzin.

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In 2012, she saw herself starring on Forced Love as Nonhlanhla Minolta which was a short-series that aired on SABC 1. Through this series, Khanya Mkangisa eventually started landing roles on more TV shows such as Intersexions and Zabalaza.

Khanya Mkangisa became more famous when she landed the role of Aphiwe Nzimande, the sister of Skhumbuzo Nzimande in SABC3's popular television series, Isindigo.

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In 2015, Khanya Mkangisa won the role of Nolitha in Rockville,  and in that same year, she took the role of being a presenter from Zizo Beda and joined Selimathunzi.

In 2019, Khanya Mkangisa landed a huge role of Akhona on one of Mzansi's popular television series, The Queen, under the production of Ferguson Films.

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Khanya Mkangisa Fashion

Khaya Mkangisa is known for her unique and revealing sense of fashion. She is known for showing up in sizzling dresses and having always an eye-catching outfit at all times.

Sizzling Silver Dress.

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Shoot in Bali at the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge.

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Showing off her Louis Vitton collection with a black leather dress.

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Khanyi wearing a snake print dress with Versace glasses and a Louis Vitton bag.

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Khanya at the 2018 South Africa Fashion Week.

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Khanya's beach shots.

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Khanya Mkangisa is a huge fan of lingerie and Bikinis, and she has documented a series of pictures of her in lingerie on her Instagram.

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Khanya Mkangisa Controversy

Khanya Mkangisa isn't the 14-year-old the public first saw when she first was on YoTV, she has grown and with growth - sometimes comes drama. She's often trending on social media for different reasons such as her drunk driving incident and sharing explicit content on social media. 

Drunk Driving 

In 2019, Khanya Mkangisa left her fans with a rather bitter taste in their mouths. The actress was recorded in a confrontation with a police officer who arrested her for drunk driving. 

In the video, Khanya Mkangisa was heard sparking an argument with the officer who had already put her in cuffs. With the video as solid evidence, She had to face the wrath of the law and let's just say, this was not her first offence

Relationship with J Molley 

Khanya Mkangisa at one was dating J. Molley, who is the ex-boyfriend of Shamiso, daughter of Azania Mosaka. The two posted pictures of their mingling on social media and it took fans by surprise as it was something people never imagined due to their age difference. 

After their relationship went viral on social media, Shamiso quickly sent a tweet and exclaimed she is grateful not to have certain people in her life. Backing up her tweet, Boity affirmed everything Shamiso shared as they are both no longer friends with Khanya Mkangisa.

Adult Content 

In 2019, Khanya Mkangisa was caught flashing her boobs on Instagram Live. Khanya Mkangisa was in hot water with fans on Twitter after she shared a vivid tweet sharing a explicit content. It wasn’t long until she was dragged by fans who exclaimed that they never expected such from their celebrity model. Khanya Mkangisa however, apologized for her actions.

Khanya Mkangisa continues working on her craft as an entertainer, model, presenter and a host for different awards ceremonies. Fans enjoys watching her on TV and they hope to see more from her.

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