Khanyi Dhlomo's sons have grown into fine men

We last read about them as young boys, but now Khanyi's sons are two very handsome men

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Khanyi Dhlomo 

Khanyi Dhlomo and sons fast they grow! It seem like yesterday when we were reading about Media mogul Khanyi Dhlomo giving birth to her second child; fast forward to 2017 her two sons, Hugo and Khaya have grown into men, not just any men, but fine men.

Khanyi Dhlomo is one of the most highly respected women in the media industry and she lives a very private as well. So, when we saw pictures of her two sons we immediately got a big smile on our faces because we hardly see her boys.

Thanks to social media we now get a sneak peek at the media mogul's beautiful family. To be honest, we'd love to see more of Hugo and Khaya going forward.

Get ready to feast your eyes on Khanyi's son Khaya...

He's a little too young for us but isn't he just breathtaking?

Khaya Mkhize

Khanyi Dhlomo's great genes have definitely rubbed off on her two sons. 

Khanyi Dhlomo's sons

And here is Ms. Dhlomo's eldest son Hugo on his first day of work as an investment banker. Can anybody say $$$ (or RRR)?

Image Credit: Instagram