Lira talks about her new album 'Born Free'

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Lerato "Lira" Molapo 

Lira has many fans from around the world who are eagerly awaiting the release of her new album, Born Free.

The new album will be released in a few days. 

Speaking to Bonang Matheba on Metro FM on Wednesday morning, Lira explained that when it comes to releasing new work, this is how she approaches it: "I try to remove all the pressure about what is expected." 

She told Bonang that with this album she enjoyed the creative process. "It was such a joy to just sit there and create this music. Now that it's all put together and it's about to go out I'm like 'oh my God'..."

She addded: "I got sleepless nights, I dream about... it's hectic, it's stressful but I'm very, very proud of it. I think, I really think it's my best work."

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She also described Born Free as massive. "It's still very much Lira, but it's like leaps. It's just grown in bounds. It feels epic, it feels bold, it feels strong, it feels assertive, definitive, it feels like I'm just ready for something massive and I really am. I just didn't know how it was gonna come out." 

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She said she's proud of the new project and added: "It's a very bold title as well Born Free. The entire album is on the concept of freedom from different perspectives."

Lira revealed thats she wrote all the music on Born Free

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