Letoya Makhene Issues Out An Apology For Sacred Blanket Blunder

She mishandled the Xhosa sacred blanket that she was going to donate.

By  | May 16, 2020, 12:30 PM

Letoya Makhene found herself receiving some flak from social media followers following images of her mishandling some sacred blankets meant to be donated to the poor.

Her Xhosa fans came at her guns blazing saying how offended they were. The blankets, known as Ingcawe, are seen as culturally significant and that people who mishandle them are considered as being very disrespectful.

Little did she know that her good act will be overshadowed by the manner at which she handled the bundled up blankets.

The practicing sangoma issued out an apology to her followers and she let them know that she meant no disrespect.

"Some of you were kind enough to let me know about the significance of these blankets emaXhoseni called Ingcawe - Thank you!
One or two of you expressed that you felt offended by the fact that I am even holding the blanket," she acknowledged.

As a person who is an owner of sacred blankets, she said she knows how important it is to give them some respect. She also added that she is willing to donate those blankets to save a child's life during winter.

"I meant no disrespect for anyone’s culture or traditions. All I saw was an opportunity to give back to my people in the best way I know how. I have many sacred cloths that I have deep respect for, but if I was faced with a life of death situation and my cloths could save a child’s life and keep them warm from the cold... I would give my cloths and blankets to that child," she wrote.

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