Lexi doesn't have time for fakeness

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Lexi van Niekerk 

Lexi van Niekerk is known for always speaking her mind. That's why we love her, right? 

The reality television star has now revealed that what she really hates the most about the entertainment industry - fake people! 

She said on V-Entertainment: "I think a lot of people are so fake. You have to live up to society, you have to be skinny, flat tummy. You can't have really big curves, or you can't be thick and you need to have like really expensive Brazillian hair and whatever else." 

She said she doesn't have time for that. "I think it's just the industry that we're copying from America... Shoutout to all the people that are working really hard and hustling."

Is this how Lexi would express her feelings on fakeness?