Linda Mtoba Weighs In On The Debate For Hair Salons To be Opened

Hair can't be more important than saving lives.

By  | May 16, 2020, 01:30 PM

Television actress Linda Mtoba, has expressed her shock and weighed in her two cents on the heated debate on whether hair salons must open or not. This lockdown vising a hairstylist to do your hair, has become a thing of the past and many have been complaining that their hair needs some divine intervention as it has turned into a shamble.

But it seems as if South Africans are not prepared to wait for the lockdown regulations to be eased, as they are demanding salons to be opened.

Linda took to Twitter to question the masses on whether their hair is more important than saving lives. This follows after a petition has gained traction to demand hair salons to be opened for business.

Linda said she understands that peoples jobs matters but so do their lives. She said her hair is also a disaster, but when she needs to go out she wears a doek.

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