Mfundi Vundla: Uzalo not our competition

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Mfundi Vundla 

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Mfundi Vundla has congratulated Uzalo on being the most watched show in South Africa, but admits the show is not their main competition.

The telenovela, which has been around for a few months, took over the number one spot from Generations: The Legacy

The Generations creator told Sowetan: "... We have competiton in Ashes to Ashes, if you look at the ratings, you'll realise that it's going down. That's one major challenge we've overcome. Uzalo has no competition in its timeslot, we have Ashes to Ashes. Uzalo follows Generations - its rise has from day one been on the momentum created by Generations."

Uzalo's executive producer told the paper: "When we conceptualised Uzalo, the vision was to make excellent TV and deliver a programme that South Africa could relate to."

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