Chance The Rapper loves Mgarimbe's 'Sister Bethina'

At least he got the true South African flavour that he asked for. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mgarimbe 

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Being an artists must be the best thing ever because you get to go to different countries and experience not only their way of life but their music also. 

Masego did this when he was here for the Cape Town Jazz Fest and ended up working with AKA. So, when Chance The Rapper came through for #CastleLiteUnlocks we became very optimistic. Our optimism was further fuelled when he outright asked...

The streets came running to his rescue. With the SA hip-hop heads coming out

To the jazz and afro-beat heads

And of course, the Nyovestians

But ultimately what ended up winning surprised everyone. Chance took to Instagram to show the people what he was listening to and BOOM.

We out here

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Sister Bethina made the cut but then again practically everyone was rooting for the hit. So, like.. now that he's listened to it and he messes with it, can you imagine a Chance and Mgarimbe collabo? I mean, look if AKA could get a Masego collabo off the strength of his music why not the man that made SA's national anthem? Who knows, we'll keep you guys updated though. 

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