Mihlali Ndamase creates a Never-Have-I-Ever for adults only

The popular YouTuber opened up about her sex life, warning children underage to not watch.

By  | May 17, 2020, 08:02 AM

Mihlali Ndamase posted her latest video on her YouTube channel on Friday, 15 May 2020. The popular beauty influencer ditched her make-up brushes and beauty tutorial, to sit with a glass of red wine and play the popular game that has been making the rounds on YouTube; Never-Have-I-Ever. 

The episode starts with what looks like an already tipsy Mihlali getting loose in front of the camera by showcasing how flexible she is. Following the intro, Mihlali then links to the content of the video explaining that she is taking part in the Never-Have-I-Ever challenge which many other YouTubers have done on their channels.  

The star that has previously gotten into trouble for her liberal views, warns her sensitive viewers that this episode will contain graphic and explicit information and suggests that they do not watch this episode. After her disclaimer, Mihlali gets really honest sharing her reverse cowgirl experience, how old is too old for her, and whether she has ever had a crush on her friend’s partners. 

The video is light-hearted and entertaining, just what is needed to forget about the current lockdown situation. By the end of the video we are certain of two things; Mihlali will always be Mihlali, and she loves her red wine.
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Image credit: Twitter @mihlali_n