One-on-one with Mobb Deep

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Mobb Deep 

Hip Hop duo Mobb Deep has finally arrived in South Africa for the Sprite Uncontainable competition to be held on Saturday, 29 August. The duo will be performing alongside Sprite's Uncontainable contestants too, ZAlebs managed to catch up with Prodigy and Havoc as they spoke about their own favourite rap duos, their mindset when in studio, and their expectations for the Sprite Uncontainable competition.

"The state of mind that I be in, is to always top what I did the last time, and always striving for the best lyrics," Havoc said.

Prodigy had mentioned that when he's in the studio he prefers using his cellphone to write down lyrics rather than pen things down the old-school way.

"It's easier to use the phone, you know, instead of a pen and pad because having it on my phone, I keep it with me. Sometimes when you're writing with a pen and a pad you end up leaving it in the studio some where," Prodigy added.

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Credit image: Facebook