Mobi Dixon wants you addicted to his music

It's all about the music when it comes to Mobi Dixon.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Mobi Dixon 

Mobi Dixon

Whilst we're all recovering from this weekend's festivities we caught up with  House D.J extraordinaire Mobi Dixonto hear about his career as one of South Africa's finest DJ's.

Here's our weekend Q&A with Mobi.

1. Your much-anticipated album, features a lot of great artists, specifically the likes of Monique Bingham, can you let us know how it was working with such a talented vocalist.

It was a great experience putting together the album. How each vocal came about and we made it happen has a different story behind. Some came easier than others with many challenges in between however it was fun overall.

2. What sets apart this album from your previous projects and for someone who is buying your music for the first time, what would you love for them to learn from this album?

It's still my tribal soul sound but with more confidence and definitive melodies and rhythms. Anyone who is getting a first taste of Mobi Dixon I would like them to get instantly addicted.


3. We've seen you perform numerous times live, and there's just that burning passion we see from you when playing live for people, what exactly is going through your mind whilst you perform your sets across the country?

I just love satisfying an audience. When I'm on stage the music takes over and all that's going through my mind is how can I leave everyone at the party with an experience they will forever cherish. I am very sentimental about music and the emotions it triggers in people and it's extra special when you play your own music and you get that response.

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4.You're also known for supporting aspiring artists/dj's tell us more about the battle for the stage competition you've been promoting on your social media platforms?

I'm all about development and empowerment so when DSTV approached me to be a judge I was thrilled. They are giving 3 aspiring artists from Limpopo an opportunity to perform at the DStv iRock Music Festival in Polokwane and they walk away with a hefty prize.

Mobi dixon

5.What's the craziest experience you've had with a fan whilst on the road, have you had anyone try to jump on stage whilst performing or stalk you?

Yes I have, I think the worst was when they tried to take my t-shirt off.

6. What's your most favorite track from the album and why?

Boomerang. It's one of the oldest songs on the album recorded it early last year and I love because it is very musical and is a good example of my signature sound tribal soul.

Apart from mixing the decks, Mobi Dixon also informed us that he is a keyboard player and has plans on working with DJ Maphorisa in the near future.

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