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He and his wardrobe are going global

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nakhane TourĂ© 

Nakhane has been on the local radar for the better part of the decade. He already has national hit songs with the likes of Black Coffee, SAMAs nominations under his belt and he was the lead in Oscar hopeful South African film, Inxeba.

Around the time of Inxeba's release, the nation's rapid homophobia was center stage as thousands of angry tribalists basically lost their minds. Nakhane received so many death threats from protesters that he couldn't even be in the country to collect his SAFTAs12 award for Best Actor in a Feature Film.

But so much has happened since then. The last 18 months have seen him rightfully focus on taking his brand overseas and boy has it work. With fans including the likes of the New York Times, Elton John and Madonna, it's clear that the US has been far more welcoming to him. He has used his art to proudly talk about love through the lenses of a gay man (something historically frowned upon) and protest the LGBTQI rights - or lack there of - across the continent. 

So, he's very good looking, astronomically talented and what else? Well dressed! 

Unlike too many of our other local faves, Nakhane uses his fashion to further elevate his brand as an artist and reach new audiences who may relate to him. Here are a few staple pieces you'll need to emulate this iconic look in the making...

The Suits 
Nakhane's go-to performance look is a power suit. Channeling the artists of yesteryear that also inform his music makes complete sense. Plus he just looks so suave, right?

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A Harness
You gotta love a little not-so-subtle kink fashion in the mix. Nakhane adds a vew variations of these body harnesses to his stage look. Is it to add sex appeal? We doubt he needs any help there. The harnesses do take his stage looks to the head of the trend curve with them being seen more and more on menswear fashion runways around the world.

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The Shades
Sunglasses on stage aren't a first. The likes of his friend Elton John coined this approach decades ago. Like them, Nakhane knows the best way to do this: find your signature frame. His is definitely these rectangular framed sunglasses which he has in every colour.

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The Eyes
Masculinity in South Africa being so fragile, men utilizing makeup to look a bit less crusty in the streets is very rare. But obviously being the artist he is, Nakhane doesn't care. Instead he includes his face in his commitment to redefining masculinity for himself. And i mean with his perfect bone structure, why not amp up your looks by bringing more attention to it.

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