Nandi's good advice to a young girl

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Nandi Madida 

Nandi Mngoma is giving us more reason to like her.

It turns out the singer is also good at giving advice. She shared some wisdom with a young girl that she met at a recent gig.

Nandi wrote on Insatgram: "...There was young lady (around 9yrs old) who said she didn't like the friends she had because they were mean to other people, what should she do? And I told 1. That hurt people, hurt people and the reason she feels uncomfortable is because she is not in a dark space and has a good heart 2. It's important to choose the right people to be around as they can affect your attitude towards life.. so she should choose her tribe wisely. Although she was very young this is something as an adult I've always had to do myself and even this year."

She added that positivity is the way forward in life: "Because it's important that one surrounds them-self with positive energy. As children and adults our issues are generally the same. When I become a mother one day, I will share these principles with my children. I'm the happiest I've been, because I choose to be happy." 

Great advice, Nandi. We'll definitely remember that when we're dealing with negative people. 

Image credit: Instagram