Ntsika: "I am the pillar of The Soil"

That's actually quite a bold thing to say.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 


One usually wonders if there could ever be an equal amount of attention allocated for each member or there will always be a 'Beyonce' in a musical group?.

Well, it seems The Soil's member, Ntsika Ngxanga believes he is the pillar of the group as his name actually stipulates. This young musician was on last night's edition of SABC 3's talk show, Trending SA. When quizzed about whether he is leaving the group for good or not, his response was what one perceived as cocky however others' might interpret it as just sheer confidence, his words were:"I will never leave The Soil, I am the pillar of that group".

Ntsika spoke excitedly about his up coming solo project describing it as challenging hence he is used to being in a group and bouncing off creative ideas with his team members', he further said:''When you have other two amazing group members, you will always have people to bounce off creative ideas to". However, it is not all gloomy being a solo artist as he also stated:''It is such an enlightening experience because I used to think I was a good singer until I did my own music; I realised that I am a legendary singer". He continued to add:''You are looking at the younger version of Jabu Khanyile".

People that are a tad confident from the rest of us, usually get easily misconstrued for arrogant. Whatever case it may be for Ntsika, we love this guy.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@ntsikangxanga.