Ntsiki Mazwai's Biggest Rants Of 2019

Ntsiki has said A LOT in 2019....

By  | Dec 25, 2019, 02:00 PM

It's no secret Ntsiki Mazwai has an opinion about everything...

Ever heard the saying, if you have nothing nice to say, just say nothing? Clearly Ntsiki never heard that line before!

Take a look at some of her biggest social media rants of 2019...

Firing shots at LeeAnne Manas

Ntsiki is no fan of the Morning Live presenter and has made her feelings known on more than one occasion. This time, her tweets were laced with racial undertones and even Ntsiki's Moja Love employers got involved!

Beef with Bonang

The biggest beef of the year (apart from AKA vs Burna Boy) had to be between Queen B and her staunchest critic.

Ntsiki has never let an opportunity pass to shade on Bonang, and the media mogul has no wasted time in clapping back too!

Shading on the Springboks

Whilst Mzansi was celebrating our Rugby World Cup win, Ntsiki was busy calling out the 'fake unity' amoungst us.

Gloating over the KZN tornado

Whilst many were left homeless and a few even lost their lives in a series of tornadoes that hit the province last month, Ntsiki shocked us all with this insensitive tweet:

Hating on Lasizwe

Ntsiki's shade at Lasizwe was just unnecessary and totally unprovoked (what's new?) After he clapped back at her, Ntsiki hit him with the block button!

Criticising Lebo Mathosa biopic

Many were unimpressed by the casting of the Lebo Mathosa BET biopic - of which KB was selected to play the late great star. Ntsiki took it one step further by insulting the actress!

Picking on Pearl Thusi

Back when the whole colourism debate was going on, Ntsiki picked on Pearl for her 'yellow bone privilege'.

Blasting Basetsana Kumalo

Didn't Nstiki learn a lesson from Jackie Phamotse?

Ntsiki came out guns blazing at Bassie, without even knowing the full story!

Perhaps Ntsiki could work on 'thinking before tweeting' as a New Year's resolution in 2020?

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