DSTV launching exclusive Oscar Pistorius channel

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Oscar Pistorius 

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The Oscar Pistorius trial is set to dominate headlines this year when Pistorius returns to court in March. Every eye and ear in the country will be firmly focused on the proceedings hoping to learn the decision as quickly as possible. DSTV have decided to play their part in helping everybody keep in touch with the Oscar trial by launching an exclusive channel for viewers to follow the case and all the action that takes place. 

The channel will be powered by Carte Blanche and will be live 24 Hours a day, giving viewers information about the court case they may not have been privy too in regukar circumstances. 

The Oscar trial has shades of the OJ Simpson trial about it. A national sports figure, at the height of his popularity, accused of murdering his partner. The OJ trial, as many who are old enough will remember, garnered a wide array of publicity from all corners of the USA as American citizens were kept on the edges of their seat trying to see if their sports star was innocent. 

DSTV will no doubt be hoping to replicate that publicity in South Africa this year, and the channel is an excellent step towards doing that. 

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