Papa Penny Penny is the realest reality show in Mzansi

We hardly experience a dull episode on Papa Penny Penny Ahee.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Papa Penny 

Papa Penny Penny

For the 2018 SAFTAs Papa Penny Penny's reality show needs to be nominated for several categories. It's been a while since we've seen a reality show as authentic as this one.

There's nothing like ending of our Wednesday evening with a good dose of Papa Penny Penny. His confidence and wisdom constantly keep us glued to our TV screens whenever his reality show comes on.

This week, Papa Penny Penny was finally able to erect tombstones not only for his late father but for other members of his family who have passed on.

In true Papa Penny Penny style, the musician prepared for the ceremony by hiring a gold and diamond encrusted suit and decided to add some more colour to his already funky hairstyle, by making his infamous pony blonde.

Basically Papa Penny Penny looked like this...

Papa Penny Penny

But we still love him either way. 

The most touching part of this episode was when Papa Penny Penny struggled to hold back his tears as he spoke to his late father at his new resting place. 

The reality star mentioned that when his father passed on, he left him at a very young age and all the memories of his father came rushing back to him and before we knew it, Papa Penny Penny was crying.

That was trully a touching moment.

Papa Penny Penny

We were surprised to see one of Papa Penny Penny's sons, who is very cute might we add, and as always there is someone on Twitter who always has jokes. 

We agree the guy doesn't look like Papa Penny Penny, maybe he just takes after his mother?

Although it was a tombstone unveiling, we couldn't help but be a bit confused at the message on his father's tombstone. 

The message on the tombstone really does look like something Papa Penny Penny could've written.

Papa Penny Penny we love you, man.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/MzansiMagic