Patrick Shai to lead's Ashes to Ashes

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Patrick Shai 

It seems as if is pulling out all the stops for its latest telenovela, Ashes to Ashes. Former Generations actor, Patrick Shai will be a lead actor on the show, according to Sowetan.

The paper reported that the new soapie, which will compete with SABC 1's Generations: The Legacy, is set in the funeral undertaking business of the Namanes and is filled with drama, intrigue and back-stabbing.

"It's Ashes to Ashes, not Gold-diggers [as has been previously reported]. If you know funerals, you'll know that that universe is full of intrigue and corrupt storylines. There's a lot of drama and intrigue of how a funeral parlour is run. It's ambitious and has a family legacy to be contested. We have some cast members who 'became' available," Twala told the paper.

Ashes to Ashes will begin airing on the 2nd of March at 8pm.