Pearl Modiadie Gives Some Financial Advise

Pearl believes investing in property is the way to go

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Pearl Modiadie 

We can’t help but be in love with Pearl Modiade. The Metro FM presenter always shows her authentic self and tries to be open with her fans. This time around the star opened up about her finances. 

During an interview with Sun Buzz she revealed that she is extremely savvy when it comes to spending money and mainly dedicates a large amount of it to property investments.

I have not experienced any financial hassles, because I'm big on saving, so I had a huge deposit for the house that I bought recently – it was just a lot of admin and quite costly, but worth every cent”.

The media personality went as far as to advise others in the entertainment industry to put money aside due to how volatile the space is.

“This industry is fickle and sometimes there no jobs, so it’s important to save and invest in something that will have returns, like property, because it doesn’t depreciate, but it appreciates,” she said.
Celebs have really started opening up to one another and it is great to see the support. 

However, as ordinary folk, we clearly need money advise from Pearl because even after saving the queen leaves enough coin in her pocket to travel. This month alone Pearl has visited both Italy and Zanzibar.
Her Italian experience was filled art museum tours and heritage site visits whereas her trip to Zanzibar was a dream beach escape.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/ @pearlmodiade