Pearl Thusi Dragged For Rude Comments About Jill Scott On IG

Aren't they friends though?

By  | May 11, 2020, 09:15 AM

Pearl Thusi's social media hiatus was not a very pleasant period for her followers. Her absence was definitely felt and her return had many reveling in excitement, seeing how her return was coupled with the good news of Queen Sono season 2.

However, her sharp tongue landed her in hot water and some trolls wished she had stayed in hiding and had not returned.

Mama Panther made some rude comments on Jill Scott's Instagram live battle with Erykah Badu.

Artists all over the world have decided to use Instagram as the platform where they entertain their fans through music battles, interviews and even recording music live.

It was nothing but good vibes and as many described it, there was nothing but positivity and good energies that were synced between the two iconic figures.

Pearl's sharp tongue was used against her this time round. Instead of commending the music battle, Pearl decided to let the world know that she was not feeling Jill's make-up so she decided to take a jab at her 'friend'.

" I wish I could powder Jill Scott," pearl commented.

This left many shook at Pearl Thusi's behavior as the IG live did not leave any room for negativity.

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