Cassper declines BMW from T-Bo Touch

Cassper declines BMW from T-Bo Touch

Jun 12, 2014, 05:48 PM

It's not everyday you hear about a lavish celebrity declining the offer of a gift, but today Cassper Nyovest has raised eyebrows by declining the generous offer made to him by BMW and T-Bo Touch, who offered the rapper a sexy BMW 2 Series as we reported this week 

Now, it's a little awkward because earlier on in the week T-Bo Touch took to Twitter to exclaim that BMW had made Cassper the face of modern culture and that the Gusheshe rapper was going to take his fame to unprecedented heights. This morning, however Cassper Nyovest and his PR team released a statement that showed their gratitude to the offer, but ultimately announced that Cassper would not be signing on with BMW and would certainly not be keeping the car. The statement read: 


On behalf of CassperNyovest, African Star Communications would like to state that he will unfortunately be declining the offer BMW has so generously made. 

Cassper has been overwhelmed with generosity from Tbo Touch and we have great appreciation for his efforts. 

However at this point we are unable to accept this phenomenal offer.  

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Tbo Touch and BMW for the their understanding and support, and Cassper looks forward to working together with them on future endeavours. 

Statement Issued On behalf of

Cassper Nyovest (Refiloe Phoolo)

Wow! What do you say to that? We sincerely hope that T-Bo and BMW understand, but we have to say it takes a lot to be able to turn down such a handsome offer. We can only hope it's because he's got something even more exciting waiting in the wings!

What do you think of Cassper's decision to turn the BMW down?

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