Danny K takes us to his Personal Paradise

Danny K takes us to his Personal Paradise

Jun 11, 2014, 08:14 PM

Danny K is a man to be watching right now. It’s not enough that he released an amazing album last year, but SA’s favourite pop-child is back with an exciting new single that features house star Donald and Heavy K. We chatted to the singer about the new single, see what Danny K had to say about it.

Hi Danny welcome to ZAlebs! Great to finally have you again how are you doing?

I’ve been good, it’s been a busy time for me right now, I have lots going on and seem to be up and down regularly!

We spoke last year just after you had released Good Look, how’s the album doing and how happy are you with the reception? 

It’s been great. I won't say it was a comeback, but it’s been an amazing return to music after two years of taking some time off. I’ve achieved what I wanted to, which was to reinvent and create a new sound. I also got to do different things with my music. I created an app with Samsung and gave my album away for free to those who had downloaded the app. It's been a great experience all round.

Today we’re chatting about your new single and video, Personal Paradise. What’s the song about? 

Personal Paradise is the result of a collaboration between me, Donald and Heavy K- both of whom are hugely successful in their own right. The song really captures the coming together of both worlds and we were all really pleased with the outcome. 

It’s a bit more 'housey' than some of the recent tracks we’ve heard you produce. How tricky was it to adapt to this different style? 

It wasn't really difficult. I’m very versatile and I’ve worked across all the genres for many albums now. So even though Personal Paradise is a house track, it’s still very much a song. It has melody, it has rhythm, Donald and I made sure to work on the vocals and delivery as well. 


You and Donald blended very nicely on the vocals. How did you find working with Don and Heavy K?

It was such a great creative process. Donald and I are both kindred spirits in the music business. We’re passionate about doing good things and giving our fans something special and the best of us in our songs, so working with him came very naturally. Heavy K has his finger on the pulse of where SA music is heading to at the moment and he tied everything up very nicely. That’s what makes a hit song, the stars aligning. We felt we were onto something special while recording it and the response since it released have validated it. 

The video released last week Friday as well and it looks like so much fun- we want to be in there dancing with you guys! Talk us through the making of the video please.

I always try to do something slick and cool with my videos. Styling is very important to me especially because the album is called Good Look. We approached Mark Hofmeyer to direct the video who in turn said to us  “I wanna do something that’s exciting, highly stylised” and that’s what the result was. 


What other projects will you be working on this year? Any more exciting collaborations? 

Personal Paradise is the big focus at the moment. We’re pushing it and promoting it everywhere we go and we hope it turns into a big success. I’ve got a big summer single coming up too as soon as the cold weather passes!

Were you at any of the big musical events this weekend? What did you think of them?

I was at the MAMAs, I was nominated for Pop Act which I lost out to Goldfish on but they are deserving winners. It’s been a great honour to be nominated at all these events. 

Check out the video for Personal Paradise but we warn you, it's going to make you want to party! 

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