Akin Omotoso has a lot of love in him

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Akin Omotoso  | Relationships

Akin Omotoso, who is the director of the latest local film to hit theatres, Tell Me Sweet Something, revealed in an interview on Cliff Central that he’s quite a softy when it comes to love, hence why he directed this movie.

Arye asked the director of the movie how much love experience one needed to direct a love comedy movie like this one.

“I just love films like Love Jones… let’s go to that movie, Love Jones, I just wanted to make a film like that. I also really love, love songs.” Akin clearly dodged the question about his love experience.

However, the director of the film surprised us by mentioning that he enjoys listening to anything by Whitney Houston. Whoever thought that Akin was such a mushy guy?

Ayre then directed his question to Thomas Gumede, who was asked what it meant for him to make a film like Tell Me Sweet Something.

“Aaw man, firstly, I would hope that I won’t have to ever audition after this you know. Like I’ve been at it for like 10 years now, Akin didn’t make me audition, matter of fact he was just like ‘Dog can we please work on something together'.

"I'm tired of having to prove myself after having to do films like these, like what do you think he was smoking when he casted me? But honestly when I do have to audition, it will be like having a place to draw from. It took us three years to do this project, so yeah, man, I will have many things to draw from in the auditioning room because of this film."

Well, ok then, Thomas! 

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