Shocking Details About The Jub Jub And Amanda Du Pont Story

Whose side are you on?

By  | May 21, 2022, 12:58 PM  | Amanda du-Pont  | Relationships

Amanda du Pont and Jub Jub
The year 2021 ended with big scandals that reopened a portal to unresolved relationship puzzles involving unhealed wounds, cheating drama, rape accusations, the in-laws' meddling, and witchcraft allegations. 

In case you haven’t gotten the drift yet, we are talking about the infamous Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont’s story featuring Kelly Khumalo. Here is everything you missed about the infamous Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont story from the very beginning to where it is presently.

Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont's relationship

Jub Jub, source: Facebook

In December 2021, during an interview with MacG on “Podcast and Chill” Molemo Maarohanye, aka Jub Jub reminded some of us who had forgotten, that in the early 2010s, Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont used to “date.”

After his controversial interview with MacG, Amanda du Pont set the record straight about her relationship with Jub Jub.

In an emotional video, Amanda du Pont revealed that Jub Jub had allegedly raped her for two years while they were together and that she had even had an abortion as a result. She explained that she had been scared to leave him or tell anyone about the abuse because she was afraid of both Jub Jub- who reportedly used to threaten her and his mother whom she accused of using “muthi.”

Amanda du Pont, source: Instagram

Contrary to what Jub Jub said about how his relationship with Amanda du Pont ended when he claimed that Amanda left him after she saw a picture of him with Kelly Khumalo, Amanda revealed in the video that she left Jub Jub after he attacked and strangled her. 

The Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont’s story shook us and reminded us about the millions of women who undergo gender-based violence every day but they can’t walk away because they are too scared and they have no one to turn to. 

After sharing with the world her traumatic side of the story, her family, friend and millions of her fans took to social media to support Amanda du Pont and criticize both Jub Jub and Mac G.

Amanda du Pont also went ahead and opened a court case against Jub Jub accusing him of raping her.

Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo, source: Facebook

As the plot in the Jub Jub and Amanda du Pont’s story thickened, Jub Jub’s ex and baby mama Kelly Khumalo also came forward and accused Jub Jub of emotional and physical abuse during the course of their relationship.

Jub Jub started dating Kelly Khumalo in 2010 while he was still with Amanda du Pont. Their relationship, like Jub Jub’s relationship with Amanda du Pont, did not end well.

On the heated podcast, Jub Jub accused Kelly Khumalo of using “muthi” on him explaining that there is no way he would have left Amanda du Pont for Kelly if he was in a sober state of mind. 

As a result of the relationship, Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo have a son together- Christian who Kelly Khumalo allegedly banned from seeing for the reason that she is trying to protect her son.

In February 2022, Jub Jub finally issued an apology to Kelly Khumalo for his “muthi” allegations against her.

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