Are Sir Trill And Daliwonga Brothers?

What is their relationship?

By  | Aug 05, 2022, 11:18 AM  | Relationships

sir trill and daliwonga
Most times that not, music talent runs in the family, making it easy to get two or three siblings of the same family doing well in the music industry. 

There are several such talented musical families in South Africa, like the Khumalo sisters or the Bala brothers. It recently emerged that there could be another family we did not know of, with two very talented singers ruling the airwaves at the moment. 

In this article, we will try to answer the question of whether Amapiano sensations Daliwonga and Sir Trill are brothers.

Who is Sir Trill?

Sir Trill, source: Facebook

Sir Trill is a popular musician in South Africa at the moment who is known for his energetic songs and his amazing vocals.

While almost everyone in South Africa has heard of him, a lot of his personal information remains a mystery to the public including his real name. Most of his fans only know him as Sir Trill but according to sources, his real name is reportedly Tumelo Mzwakhe Zwane although we are yet to confirm if it is true.

Like his real name, his exact date of birth is also not known. Sir Trill is rumored to have been born between 1996-1999 in Badplaas Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Who is Daliwonga?

Daliwonga, source: Facebook

Like Sir Trill, Daliwonga is among the South African artists that have made their name through the Amapiano wave that took the world by storm two years ago. 

His melodic voice and meaningful lyrics have earned him a huge following and a great reputation in the music scene in South Africa and the continent.

With hits that became the biggest songs of 2021 like Yelele and Friends With Benefits, Daliwonga who is also a poet has enjoyed a lot of success since his rise to stardom back in 2019 when he signed with Maphorisa’s Blaqboy Records.

His full name is Daliwonga Matiwane and he was born in Diepkloof, Soweto on 4th June 1994. Apart from these details, much about his family and early life is unknown to the public. 

Are Daliwonga and Sir Trill  Brothers?

In December 2021, DJ Lamiez sparked rumours that the two talented musicians are actually brothers on Twitter. She put out a tweet suggesting that Daliwonga and Sir Trill were blood brothers and Sir Trill is the oldest sibling.

Many South Africans reacted to her tweet confirming the suspicion they have had for a long time because of how the two resemble each other. 

Months later in an interview on YouTube with DJ Sabby, Sir Trill was asked if they were related and he responded by suggesting they had a brotherly relationship because Daliwonga is his cousin. His answer was however not clear enough to put the matter to rest.

The two have always had a somewhat close relationship with each other. They always have good things to say about one another whenever the chance presents itself. The fact that they also originally come from the same area spurs even more curious about whether the two are blood brothers.

The fact that both of them are very private with regards to their family details makes it harder to get the truth about their connection if there exists any. While indications are clear that there is some connection between Sir Trill and Daliwonga, we are still researching what it is and we shall update you all.

Daliwonga’s twin brother

Daliwonga (L) and Dalindyebo (R), source: Instagram

Although it has been difficult to verify whether Sir Trill and Daliwonga are indeed brothers, our sources seem to believe that Daliwonga has a twin brother called Dalindyebo Matiwane.

Although the two rarely ever appear together in public, they have a striking resemblance to each other especially placed next to each other. Read all about Daliwonga’s twin brother here.

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