#OPW: Asanda & Felix wasted no time in getting hitched

This is a couple who know what they want.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Relationships

Asanda and Felix

Asanda and Felix were introduced through a close friend. A seemingly smooth interaction via a phone call and text ended up in a date and eventually marriage.

Although Asanda's mother could not accept that her daughter was about to marry a foreign man at such short notice, Asanda was determined to marry the man of her dreams.

After Asanda was told that a Nigerian man was looking for a girlfriend, she wasted no time in advising her friend to give the man her number.

Next thing we know, Felix and Asanda were dating.

That might sound sweet to some, but some Twitter peeps, were not too convinced. 

Oh well, you can't please everyone in the Twitter universe but at least Asanda got to marry the man of her dreams and bare him, kids.

One of our favourite moments from this particular episode was when we found out that Felix and Asanda had custom made rings with their names encrusted in the inside of their rings.

wedding rings encrusted

The viewers of the show were so charmed at how much a loving man Felix is, we fell even more in love with him when he fitted his suit.

Our Perfect Wedding

His shirt wasn't the best we've seen in this year's season but Felix sure looked handsome, don't get us started on his Christian Louboutin shoes from Italy which were also custom made just for him.

Talk about preparation.

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The wedding day was a real turn up, did you see how decked out the wedding tables were?

Although many might think Felix and Asanda moved too fast, we can't deny that the two are head over heels for each other.

Of course some men made this wedding about them.

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But actress, Rami Chuene had the best response for all the haters.

With that said, congratulations to Asanda and Felix.

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