Appreciating the lady that is Bobo Radu

Bobo Radu is so good at keeping a low profile, that we often forget that her hunk of a husband is married.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Bobo Radu  | Relationships

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Its been almost two years since the ever so sexy Lungile married his love Bobo and the two are happy, and are keeping a low profile.  

It's really hard to be married or even just dating a person who you're in the same industry with, things tend to get messy and people are always up in your business. That isn't the case for Bobo Radu. Bobo is the wife to the ever so handsome Lungile Radu. These two have a really great bond as we've seen during their many interactions on Forever Young.


Bobo has managed to keep a really low profile since her wedding in 2015, it's no wonder her relationship is in a great place. The beautiful Mrs tries to stay away from the public eye, she lets her husband take all the shine ,he is the one in the public eye after all. 

Lungile Radu

We think it's good that Mrs.Radu keeps a low profile because that way, her marriage has a little more privacy and she can enjoy being a wife and mother to their two year old son Zuko without any media interference.

Bobo Rdau

Main Image Credit:  Instagram/@LungileRadu

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