Meet Boity Thulo's Parents, Grandparents, And Celebrity Relatives


By  | Nov 11, 2022, 02:00 PM  | Boitumelo "Boity" Thulo  | Relationships

Boity Thulo
Boity Thulo is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most successful media personalities in South Africa and she has conquered all sectors of the entertainment industry from acting, music, and television.

But while you might already be familiar with Boity Thulo’s work, how much do you know about her family and relatives? 

Here is an introduction to all of Boity Thulo’s relatives, from her parents, and grandparents, to her celebrity relatives.

Boity Thulo’s parents and siblings

Boity Thulo with her mother, source: Instagram

Boitumelo Thulo was born on the 28th of April 1990 in Potchefstroom, North West to her mother Modiehi Thulo

Her mother, who is a retired Clinician, left for the city to work when Boity was little, leaving her in her maternal grandparents' care.

Boity and her mother who looks way younger than her 52 years evidently have a very tight bond and they are always twinning on social media. 

The award-winning media personality never tires from showering her mother with love on social media and similarly, her mother who is also very active on social media always showers her over-achieving daughter with love. During her mother’s birthday in 2019, Boity Thulo surprised her with a brand new sleek Mercedes Benz worth R1 million which she termed as a small gift.

Boity with her father, source: Instagram

Boity Thulo’s father was largely out of the picture when Boity was growing up and she didn’t get to see her frequently as he didn’t live with her.
Although she didn’t have a very strong bond with her father when she was little, it appears that they now have a better relationship and she once even shared a photo of herself with her dad on social media.

Boity is her mother’s only child and she has no full siblings. It is unclear if she has any half-siblings from her father’s side.

Boity Thulo’s grandparents

Boity with her mother and grandmother, source: Instagram

As stated earlier, Boity grew up with her maternal grandparents after her mother went to work in the city. 

She has often spoken highly of her grandparents and in a past interview with The Real Talk, she revealed that she was fortunate for the kind of upbringing she had and that she felt blessed to have deep-rooted humility and knowledge instilled by her grandparents when she was growing up.

Boity with her grandfather, source: Instagram

In October 2022, Boity Thulo’s grandfather sadly passed on. Taking to Instagram, Boity shared the news of her grandpa’s passing and paid a moving tribute to him, thanking him for always treating her like a princess and being the best father a girl could ever pray for. 

How is Boity related to Thickleeyonce?

Boity, Thickleeyonce and their mothers, source: Instagram

Boity Thulo is one of those lucky celebrities who have relatives in the entertainment industry. Renowned plus-size model and photographer Lesego "ThickLeeyonce" Legobane is her cousin.

Although they are both making huge strides in their careers and their paths rarely cross at work, the two seem to have a close relationship. In 2018, for example, the two famous cousins and their families went on vacation together in Mozambique and shared beautiful photos of their time together.
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