Exclusive: Bontle on being in a public relationship

Love still wins in the limelight for Ms Modiselle.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Bontle Modiselle  | Relationships

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Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle’s relationship spans nearly over a decade.  Although it's been that long, they're still going strong. They are serving couple goals for young couples and inherently also showing that it is possible to maintain a relationship while you’re both in the limelight.

The couple met each other before they were both famous. During an exclusive interview with ZAlebs, Bontle, who's a dancer and TV personality, shared: 

“Before Priddy Ugly was even established... He’s gone through all the names. I was there, it’s not even to say that I pursued a relationship in the industry, the industry was just something that came much later on, so the industry was never a contributing factor, it wasn’t anything that motivated my reason to be with him." 
Now that they're in the limelight, there's a lot of attention on their relationship  – good and bad. 

"The most interesting time in our relationship was when I do came out. There was a lot that we had to deal with, the response was overwhelming... We didn’t expect the magnitude of what it became." 

The media personality went on to add that Priddy Ugly was not fazed by the idea behind the video because he understood that it was just acting and that their special day would come and she would know when it’s real.

“He was just like, ‘well, nothing can interfere with when ours happens, so don’t feel like you’ll be robbed of the experience because when ours happens, you’ll know when it happens'. He wasn’t phased by this performance." 

Gushing over her man, Bontle explained that she had the biggest crush on her man before they became an item, and is still in love with him today.

“He looked amazing, he took care of himself, he was an incredible dancer, there was just so much about it that was like, 'you know what, I really like this guy'.  He was a guy I had a crush on, I didn’t think he would look in my direction because I had no confidence in myself, my confidence was all in dance I never questioned my ability, but as a human, it’s like, 'why you even looking at me?’ I wanted to wear the least flattering clothes..." 

Bontle and Priddy Ugly are engaged, by the way. The media personality disclosed that the rapper had proposed to her on her birthday at a mountain top. 

However, only a few people were told about it because she felt she would get a lecture from her loved ones. She said: 

“I was reluctant because of the possible feedback I may get like, ‘you’re so young. What do you know about marriag? What’s the rush?’ I just wanted to enjoy the experience of me having said yes to the guy that I believe was the love of my life... We kept it quite discreet." 

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