Meet Bontle Modisella's Daughter

Like mother, like daughter

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Bontle Modisella, Meet Bontle Modisella
Bontle Modisella is a renowned choreographer, dancer, actress and singer who gained massive fame in 2016 when she became the lead choreographer on Lip Sync Battles.

Besides having a successful career in the limelight, Bontle also has a thriving personal life and she is a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister.

This article takes a look at Bontle Modisella’s family life and reveals who Bontle Modisella’s child is, her husband, as well as her parents and sisters.

Bontle Modisella’s child

Bontle Modisella with her daughter Afrika, source: Instagram

Bontle Modisella’s child is a beautiful baby girl called Afrika Bonita Lerato Moloi who was born in November 2019.

Like many parents who choose to keep their children away from social media because they understand and fear the wrath of cyberbullies, Bontle Modisella kept her daughter away from social media for a long time.

On 1st August, the world finally got to see the face of Bontle Modisella’s child when Bontle and her husband posted a video on their YouTube channel where they introduced the little one to the world.

Since she debuted into the world, baby Afrika has been making a frequent face that we all love to see, on her parents’ social media pages. The little girl who is only two years old already has her own Instagram account @afrika_with_love which has 80K followers despite having only four posts.

Who is the father of Bontle Modisella’s child?

Bontle Modisalle with her husband Priddy Ugly, source: Instagram

The father of Bontle Modisella’s child, and Bontle’s husband is Ricardo Moloi, also known as Priddy Ugly. 

He is an Angolan-born South African rapper and dancer who has been in the industry since the late 2000s.

Bontle and Priddy Ugly met in school when Bontle was 16 years old and they became friends and used to chat on MXit when it was still a thing.

The two started dating only after Priddy Ugly finished his matric and have been together for more than 15 years now, growing stronger with each passing year and raising their little one together.

In 2019 shortly before giving birth to Afrika, Bontle Modisella and Priddy Ugly got married in a lovely African-inspired traditional wedding.

Bontle Modisella’s family

The Modisella clan, source: Instagram

Bontle Modisella was born and raised in the North-Eastern region of Johannesburg. She was born to Tswana parents- Percy and Grace Modiselle. Her father who was a model reportedly committed suicide.

Bontle is not the only successful person in her family, she has two sisters who have made their individual marks in the industry. 

Her older sister is Refilwe Modiselle, who is a renowned model, actress and activist. She was the first-ever South African with albinism to become a runway model and has been making huge strides in activism works for people living with albinism through her work.

Bontle’s younger sister is Candice Modisella. She is a television and radio host, actress, voice-over artist, MC and speaker.

The Modisella sisters make one of the most successful siblings in Mzansi’s entertainment industry, but although they’ve each accomplished success, they are still a tight-knit family.

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