Countdown - The top lies cheating men tell

If you've cheated or have been cheated on, chances are, some of these might sound familiar 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Relationships

Lies cheating men tell

We love social media! Not only does it keep us connected to our faves, it also allows us to connect with strangers over shared experiences whether they're great or not so great - like cheating. 

Users took to Twitter to share the lies they've heard before or in some cases, used on other people. For some, it brought back painful memories, but for the rest of us, these lies provided one hell of a good laugh. 

Sometimes, you love someone so much that even when you know they're lying, you just want to believe the lie. Other times, you're not that involved so when they lie it's like "mxim ungijwayela kabi

Take a look at what they had to say:  

Ja neh, if she really was like a sister to you, what you two get up to behind closed doors would be considered immoral 

One of the most famous cheaters in history proved that even when they have been caught, men would rather die than tell the truth. 

"Believe whatever you want" seems to be a favourite among men. It is usually accompanied by a "wooooooooow!" 

Some people play 'hide the bae' for sinister reasons. Don't let them fool you with that privacy trap. He could be hiding - not from your followers, but from his wife!

Even as children, we told out parents this lie. "I won't do it again" is used by everyone, from naughty kids to stray dogs... uh... we mean cheaters. 

Even though cheating is bad, in this case, all we have to say is "at least he's using condoms..." 

Lol what are you hiding bro?

And then it gets deep... tjo

Who else am I supposed to believe? You? 

Lol this one hurts because we love that song! H


This one is proof that you man's logic is off... 

That time you are number 23... 

If you've heard some of these or we've left some out, please comment below. 

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