Date My Family: Gareth meets his match

Watching Date My Family is one of our favourite things to do on Sunday nights

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Relationships

Date My Family:

The past few episodes have been successful, the contestants were perfectly matched and tonight's episode was no different. 

Tonight's bachelor was 31 year old Gareth Masinda, he is a Business Analyst.

Gareth was looking for a lady he can commit to, "my last relationship did not work out because I wasn't entirely honest, I have grown and I am ready to be a better man."

Date My Family:

The first bachelorette hoping to score a date was Goodness, she knew exactly what she wanted and she did not hold back, "I want a man that is employed, skinny, he should not be fat or chubby or even muscular." She was very detailed about what she wanted.

The date with her family was pretty decent, they all got along and Gareth seemed smitten with the way her family presented her.

The second hopeful was 26 year old Bothabile, she is a single mother of two daughters. She is looking for a man she can spend the rest of her life with. The date with her family was okay, everything seemed fine and the bachelor was not completely freaked out by the fact that she has 2 children.

Date My Family:

The final bachelorette was hand and foot model, Jone-lee, she was looking for a normal guy, "he doesn't have to be good looking, as long as he is clean, I am okay with that."

The date with her family was the least authentic, there was a disconnect and she lost us when she started making fun of Gareth's English. 

Gareth chose Goodness and he was really happy with his choice, we wish them all the best.

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